Open Data makes us a better individual, a better society and a better country.

Open Data and Technology

Open data, is the data that can be used by anyone without restriction of copyright, patent or other control mechanisms.

Open data can be freely accessed, shared and reused with the help of today’s technologies. It gives confidence by providing transparency and makes us a better individual, a better society and a better country by ensuring participation.

For us open data, to be as open as possible and as closed as necessary.

Why/What is Needed?

In the age of insecurity, we can access correct information only through transparency. What we needed is “open society” and “open state”.

To learn the unknown we need “open access” and “open data”.

We need “open sharing” and “open participation” to develop applications and services that will make our lives easier with today’s technology.

We Want To Do

1. To create “open data culture and awareness” by enabling experts from different fields to show interest in open data with the help of developing technological opportunities,

2. To demonstrate that one of the obstacles for open data, technological adequacy (from digitization of data to re-use, online presentation to application development), has disappeared by mobilizing mass resources and entrepreneurs to establish a community of open data application developers,

3. To lead the establishment of an open data index for transformation of the open data benefit into competition for the sake of individuals and society.

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